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#B-YZ2DTM3 - Yokomo YZ-2DTM3 2WD Offroad Car Kit

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Yokomo’s World Champion YZ-2 Series reached the ultimate goal at the 2017 IFMAR Off-Road World Championships in China when Yokomo Factory Driver Ryan Maifield took the overall TQ honors and then proceeded to Win the 2wd Buggy World Championship. Since then Yokomo has been working very hard with current IFMAR World Champion Ryan Maifield, 4-time IFMAR World Champion Ryan Cavalieri, 2017 IFMAR 2wd Buggy 3rd place finisher Lee Martin & lead track engineer Shin Adachi to bring the next level of performance to Yokomo with our New YZ-2 DTM3 and CAL3!


YZ-2 DTM3 and CAL3 New Features:
  • New Shorter Main Chassis
  • New Bell Crank System
  • New Bell Crank Steering Blocks
  • New 3mm Shorter Rear Shock Tower
  • New Thinner Pistons Designed for Shorter Shocks
  • New Front & Rear 3.0mm Outer Suspension Pins
  • New Front & Rear 3.5mm Inner Suspension Pins
  • New Adjustable Shock Mounting Option for S3 Rear Arms
  • Easy Access Diff & Diff Height Adjustments
  • Front Wing Mount (Included)
YZ-2 DTM3 version:
  • 3 Piece Split LC / LD Transmission Case (Both Included)
  • JConcepts F2 Body (JConcepts Front & Rear Wing Included)
  • Ball Differential
Yokomo have shortened the main chassis and improved acceleration load transfer by aggressive pitching action. It also delivers high response and turning, even on low grip surfaces.
Two types of gearboxes are included with the YZ-2DTM3. You can choose from an LD gearbox that allows you to set the motor to the rear while being low mounted, and an LC gearbox that is also used for high grip, showing a wide range of track surface adaptability.
By changing the front and rear outer hinge pins to Φ3mm and the rear inner hinge pins to Φ3.5mm the rigidity is greatly enhanced. The smoothness of the suspension operation improves dramatically and increased traction is achieved.
Also equipped with a front wing that enhances corner holding accuracy. Securely fixed in place with a special lightweight wing mount.
A chassis mounted tray is supplied for installing the ESC and Receiver. It can be removed easily and maintenance efficiency is increased.
The new battery holder is a one-touch type, simple one thumbscrew operation. The battery position can be moved in smaller increments, giving a more precise setting of weight balance.

Access to the differential has become easier with the 3-split gearbox. DTM3 comes with a lightweight ball differential as standard.

New designed differential height system uses cams to adjust the differential higher or lower, from 0 to 3mm depending on traction level.

The suspension arm now comes with a new shock mounting plate, which allows you to finely change the lever ratio of the suspension. The shock can be attached to either side of the suspension arm.
The slipper clutch is a standard single type, but it is possible to change to double slipper just by adding plate and pad.

The special motor fan mount allows a 30 mm cooling fan to be mounted securely.

The wing is an LM wing produced by Lee Martin.