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#AV1601 - Avid R/C logo acrylic tweak plate

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It is no secret that having a touring car with a tweak will cause you to hit everyone lapping you. You can use this tool by placing your touring car on top of it, while keep your tires on, loosen all your top deck screws, and tighten them back up while pressing down on your car at the top and bottom of your battery and at your servo and speedo. This will help settle the chassis and get a true setting on your top deck. Don't forget that this is all pointless if you have anything protruding from the bottom of your chassis such as those dreadful YFS screws or battery tape.

This acrylic tweak plate is a great alternative to the Much More glass/carbon rod unit when you are trying to save weight while travelling or keeping weight in that wallet.


  • 12.6" (320mm) x 3.5" (90mm) x 0.35" (8.8mm)
  • Comes with 6 clear rubber feat installed.

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